How To Stop Aging And Look Ever Young?

The Vedic concept of a healthy life depends on four factors which are

  1. Health
  2. Fitness
  3. Beauty
  4. Anti-aging treatments
According to a recent report by Euromonitor international, the demand of anti-aging cosmeceuticals from customers is much higher in the current times as compared to other cosmeceuticals. 

How To Stop Aging And Look Ever Young
Let’s discuss the anti-aging cosmeceuticals in the light of Veda.

Vedic concept of anti-aging:-

There are various factors are known to determine the youthfulness and skin health which are as follows;

Kapha in balance; Proper use of a moisture balance
Pitta in balance; proper functioning of metabolic mechanisms that help to coordinate all the chemical and hormonal reaction of skin;
Vata in balance; Prefect circulation of blood and nutrients to all the layers of skin;

The well-being and correct working of these three dhatus (body tissue types) are reflected in the functioning of skin. 

Ayurveda Dubai

Blood (Rakta), nutritional fluid (Rasa), and muscle (Mamsa) are three main components of derma in Ayurveda Dubai.

Functioning of skin trio:-

Rakta helps to detoxify the skin by collaborating with the liver. Rasa helps to keep the skin healthy and glowing and supports all the body tissues, while skin firmness is caused by Mamsa.

For an effective cosmeceutical used for anti-aging must be able to support the trio. 

Here are the properties of vedic cosmeceutical Ingredients used for anti-aging

Age resisting or defying (Vayasthapana):-

Vayasthapana is that ingredient that performs the functioning of skin nourishing, also makes sure the best physiological functioning of skin, functions as an effective anti-aging agent. Basically, it means maintenance of age.

These herbs balance the trio of doshas mentioned above to support the skin.
One of the most effective anti-aging herbs of vayasthapana is named as Centella asiatica (Gotu-Kola), it also helps in enhancing synthesis of collagen.

Ever wanted glow and radiance (Varnya):-

These types of herbs help in enhancing the bright radiance and also increase the complexion of the skin. If the skin has lost the varnya quality or it doesn’t glow like it should be then the youthful aspect of it is not there. 

The herbs that are included in the varnya are Indian madder, Indian sarsaparilla, vetiver, sandalwood and others.

Wear and tear protection of skin (Sandhaniya):-

For ages now Sandhaniya has been known to unite repair the derma tissues, not only this it regenerates the skin functioning and also repairs the aging effects by diminishing the dark circles and wrinkles. It boosts the healing and also helps to regenerate the nerves by 30 to 40 percent.

Deep derma healing caused by (Vranaropana):-

Vranaropana has always been an integral part of Ayurveda Dubai as it contains the skin healing abilities. Sensitive plant and Gotu Kola are the two herbs that are included in Vranaropana and both are known to have the ability of healing wounds and cuts.